Renewable Cities Young Ambassadors are a dynamic group connecting young professionals and emerging leaders in the renewable energy sector. We promote leadership, collaboration and innovation led by young people. Through interactive workshops we are creating a network to share knowledge, skills and ideas to deliver projects in our local communities. The Program launched in 2016 at the Renewable Cities Forum as the Renewable Cities Young Ambassadors Program.

Join the Young Ambassadors!

Young Ambassadors invites young professionals and students aged 18-35 years to participate. We seek motivated, engaged, dynamic and creative individuals from government, business, research and the community sector working in renewable energy. If you already play a leadership role, or want to be a leader, we’d love to hear from you.

What is involved?

Young Ambassadors take a engaging and interactive approach to knowledge sharing. We hold monthly online webinars, run public workshops and write articles about the practical realities of the renewable energy sector. A level of commitment is welcomed to help grow the network and be a Bright Spark in your workplace or community.



You are eligible for a special two day rate ticket to the Young Ambassadors Forum at Renewable Cities Australia. This is priced at $297 (inc GST)  which includes all sessions, catering and networking function, but does not include tours. (Please note that you must register to receive the special rate, details on how to join are below.

Want to join us?

If you’re interested in the Young Ambassador program, please email your interest with your current role, your city / town location and reasons for wanting to join to Jacqui Fetchet, jacqui@renewablecities.com.au

Want to partner with us?

Young Ambassadors are always looking to partner with organisations to deliver our workshops, promote our initiatives or provide sponsorship. Please contact Jacqui Fetchet at jacqui@renewablecities.com.au for full sponsorship opportunities.

“Australia is transitioning to a cleaner economy. We need to be creating jobs of the future and building a generation that is skilled, engaged and connected. Young people can, and must, be leaders and innovators to take our economy and society forward.”

Jacqui Fetchet, Renewable Cities Young Ambassadors  Leader