Tilo Franz

General Manager, Operations & Maintenance, Canberra Metro Operations

Tilo Franz is the General Manager for Operations and Maintenance of Canberra Metro in the ACT. During his previous professional life as the Managing Director of Hamburg Consult, Tilo has been head of International tenders and projects for over 25 years. He served as a project manager and project director for different projects since 1992. His knowledge and skills obtained in almost 3 decades of professional activity in the traffic and transport sector include planning of master plans and public transport systems, development of integrated traffic and transport networks as well as strategic consulting for transport authorities and transportation companies. He has worked on a wide range of national and international projects with regard to policy review, capacity building and strategic consulting for government authorities and public transport companies as well as master planning.

Session: EV’s for Fleets, Business, Industry and Public Transport

Topic or “Chair”: The Canberra Metro and the Wider Use of Electric Mobility in the ACT

Tilo will present an update on the Canberra Metro infrastructure, and the enhancement of electric mobility in the ACT. He will also discuss potential extension of the electric mobility beyond the LRT system. His talk will cover provision of renewable energy within the Canberra Metro LRT System, and integration of Electric Mobility in the urban mobility development of the ACT