Steve Amor headshot

Steve Amor

Product Marketing Manager – EV Charging Infrastructure, ABB Australia

Zero Emission Transport Conference 

Electric Vehicle Charging technology  – The changing ways vehicles will refuel

15.45 – 17.00 | Thursday 13 June 2019

Steve Amor is ABB Australia’s Marketing Manager for ABB’s EV Charging Infrastructure portfolio. In this role he is responsible for the business development of ABB’s charging solutions for electric cars, busses and trucks in the emerging e-Mobility market.

Working together with infrastructure partner Chargefox, Steve had a major role in the supply of the ABB’s first public 350 kW High Power Fast Charging stations in the Victorian regional town of Euroa, the first installation of its type in the world outside of the Europe and the USA

As the world leader in electric vehicle infrastructure, ABB offers the full range of charging solutions for electric cars, electric and hybrid buses as well as electrification solutions for ships and railways. ABB entered the EV-charging market back in 2010, and today has a fast-growing global installed base of 8,000 ABB DC chargers, including high power chargers up to 350 kW, installed across 68 countries, more chargers than any other manufacturer.

Steve is a self-confessed car tragic and has been working in the Australian electrical industry for over 30 years working in various marketing management and sales roles. Working in a role that combines two of his greatest interests is a dream come true.

He brings insights into the rapidly changing world of e-Mobility and ABB’s transport vision of a sustainable, zero emission future.

Abstract Outline:

Electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way in just a short few years. EVs are now much more than commuter passenger vehicles, as battery developments have opened up a wide range of vehicle types to serve many transportation applications EVs have loads of tech, torque and style. Supported by battery innovations, clean air directives and consumer demand, this disruptive vehicle technology has pushed into the automotive landscape, changing the way every automaker is approaching new vehicle development.

Most experts agree that the widespread adoption of electric vehicles is a good thing, but there is also a realization that it will only happen if networks of fast-chargers are built up quickly, so that charging is as easy as filling a petrol tank. Deploying public charging infrastructure is much more than throwing hardware in the ground and hoping drivers find it. EV infrastructure programs require careful planning for how they will serve drivers in years to come, as well as deliver value to owners, operators and site hosts. Business models vary by technology and location, but there are already clear rights and wrongs to EV infrastructure deployment.

In this session, ABB’s will:

  • Cover what is on the horizon for e-mobility and what the manufacturers of charging infrastructure  are doing to meet the future demands
  • Outline the differing charging infrastructure technologies that meet EV needs both today and into the future
  • How installing DC charging infrastructure at commercial/retail sites can offer increased business opportunities