Peter Dyson

Managing Director, Phoenix Energy Australia

Peter Dyson has previously held several senior roles in State Owned Enterprises, and large Blue Chip Australian companies. As a former Victorian President and National Vice President of the Waste Management Association of Australia, Peter has particularly seen in the waste and recycling industry previous adaptions to the changing needs of the community and he believes that a new fundamental shift is now occurring that the industry and governments will need to embrace. The need to align business leadership in this field with that of the long term needs of local government is a particular focus of Peter’s and creates the need to move concisely from the simple creation of reports to actual implementation.

In his current role as Managing Director of Phoenix Energy Australia, Peter has drawn on his unique combination of energy, waste management and consulting experience to engage with various stakeholders on the options available to meet the particular demands of introducing Waste to Energy applications in Australia. Key to this success is the ability to guide key decision makers through what appears to be a mine field of resistance and self-interest into a sustainable outcome that all stakeholders can comfortably move forward with.

Session: Business taking the lead in going 100% Renewable

Topic or “Chair”: Turning Waste into Renewable Energy – How 9 Metropolitan Councils in Perth are leading the way in Australia

Peter will overview the Kwinana Waste to Energy plant, which will be the first of its type in Australia. This will divert over 25% of Perth’s waste away from landfill and in doing so will recover renewable energy and create the opportunity for products from the residual ash such as road base, bricks and pavers. The project has commenced pre-construction onsite works and has all necessary approvals and contracts to proceed to construction. The project has Western Australian, Level 2 State Project status which under the Lead Agency Frame-work provided the inter-governmental co-ordination necessary to enable Waste to Energy to become a mainstream alternative to landfill disposal.