Mark Edmunds

General Manager - Energy Storage and e Mobility Division, Toshiba International Corporation

Zero Emission Transport Conference

Developments of heavy duty  storage systems for electric public and commercial transport

11.30 – 12.45 | Thursday 13 June 2019

Mark is a technical engineering specialist and strategic business advisor, working for clients to enable them to introduce technological change at the paradigmatic level. His core technical competencies include design of systems, business process development including statistical operations research (Six Sigma), asset management, systems integration, project management, and manufacture and quality control of electrical apparatus and systems. Specialty subject knowledge includes high power electrical systems and has lead a heavy eV development program since 2016.

Abstract Outline:

Electric mobility (e-mobility) has emerged as one of the most promising technological solutions to replace fossil fuels, and has the potential to power many forms of commercial and public transport. A range of  transport modes have the possibility for viable electrification including buses, trucks and ferries. Energy storage on the megawatt scale is a significant technical and economic challenge.

This talk aims to discuss the economical, application usage and technology choices applicable to the introduction of electric heavy vehicles.

Also the talk will attempt to highlight the critical challenges and practical solutions using specific examples and results from recent efforts to reduce the cost and improve the performance of electrochemical energy storage devices.