Dr Kendra Wasiluk

Sustainable Development Planner, Monash University

Dr. Kendra Wasiluk is the Sustainable Development Planner in the Buildings and Property Division of Monash University. Kendra is responsible for providing strategic and tactical asset management planning to ensure the sustainable operation and development of buildings and infrastructure and leading the development and delivery of the University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Prior to her role at Monash, Kendra was as the Manager of Asset Strategies in the Infrastructure and Capital Works Branch of the ACT Government’s Education Directorate where she had direct responsibility for the development and implementation of sustainability policy and projects in Canberra public schools. Kendra has also held academic roles at the University of Bradford’s School of Management, RMIT University’s Centre for Design and she completed her PhD at the University of Leeds. She started her professional career as an Interior Designer and spent approximately 8 years working in commercial design firms in both Canada and Australia.

Session: Business taking the lead in going 100% Renewable

Topic or “Chair”: Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative – Leading the Way To 100% Renewable Power

By the year 2030 all of the energy used on Monash University’s Australian campuses will be clean and renewable. The university is investing $135 million to completely eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels and achieve its 2030 target of Net Zero campuses powered by 100% renewable energy. This presentation will outline the ambitious implementation plan for this initiative including energy efficiency, electrification, net zero ready buildings, onsite renewables, battery storage, microgrid and offsite renewable energy procurement