Barbara Albert

Director, 100% renewables

Barbara Albert is a director at 100% Renewables. She is a strategic advisor, speaker and author of the book ‘Energy Unlimited – Four Steps to 100% Renewable Energy’. She is known for her work helping councils and businesses transition to renewables and zero net emissions.

Barbara’s talk will focus on progress of NSW councils who are considering or have adopted 100% renewables or net zero targets, and she will highlight three case studies.
The first case study will focus on councils that have started to go beyond the boundaries of their operations and are working on reducing emissions in their LGA.
The second will look at some of the innovative projects that are being implemented, from LED street lights to floating solar and generating renewable energy at scale.
The third case study will investigate renewable energy procurement through Power Purchase Agreements.

Across Australia, local governments and communities are spearheading action on climate change response, leading or in some cases complementing action by State and Territory Governments such as South Australia and the ACT. In NSW, communities, regional councils, cities and metropolitan LGAs are consulting widely, adopting targets, establishing delivery plans and funding initiatives that will see them switch to renewable energy within a decade. 100% Renewables has helped many councils set and implement their renewable energy and carbon goals.