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Belinda Kinkead

Director, Australia, LO3 Energy

Belinda is the Australian Director of LO3 Energy, creators of community energy marketplaces that enable utilities and neighbourhoods to share in the responsibilities and benefits of reliable distributed energy resources. LO3 Energy pioneered peer-to-peer energy trading in the Brooklyn Microgrid using their blockchain technology, Exergy.
Belinda is a sustainable energy and climate finance professional with 20 years’ experience. Her expertise includes the use of market-based mechanisms and other economic instruments to address climate change, and implementing strategies for managing risk within rapidly evolving regulatory regimes to maximise value from projects. Her career includes roles with the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, EcoSecurities and the Sustainable Energy Development Authority of NSW. Her technical experience spans projects in more than 30 countries including China, India, Brazil, Senegal, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Thailand; and sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, fugitive gas capture, emissions trading schemes, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and Programmes of Activities (PoAs).

In April 2016, the world’s first ever energy blockchain transaction occurred between two Brooklyn residents. This was the beginning of the Brooklyn Microgrid, a project to create a community microgrid where members can participate in their local energy economy through power purchases, PV generation, energy storage, demand response and other actions. In Brooklyn, and other locations around the world, neighbours buy and sell local, clean energy from each other using LO3 Energy’s Exergy platform. The result is the creation of a transactive market where environmental and economic impacts of new technologies and business models can be measured and appropriately valued.