Although Australia is a very large country, more than 70% of people live in about 50 urban areas, with populations ranging from 25,000 in Alice Springs to just over 4 million in Sydney.

These urban areas hold the key to our renewable energy future, and will lead the way in the move to a lower carbon economy.  Leaders, planners and decision makers who understand the possibilities of new energy systems are essential for this transition.

The Renewable Cities Australia provides a forum for all involved in policy and planning, in business or in community groups, to share their progress and learn from others on this common journey to 100% renewable cities and towns.  It also showcases how renewable energy, generated in urban areas in homes and buildings, may be stored and managed, and the exhibition features innovative energy solutions displays and electric transport options.

In 2017, Renewable Cities Australia will again host its annual Forum together with the first Renewable Cities Electric Vehicle Workshop and a NEW co-located Exhibition Zone.

Forum and Workshop places will be limited so we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter  to receive the latest news and developments.

Join other Renewable Cities leaders  and the solutions focused discussions at Sydney’s International Convention Centre on 14 & 15 June 2017.