NEW FOR 2017 – Renewable Cities Australia Expands into an Exhibition

After a successful event in 2016, Renewable Cities Australia will once again co-locate with the successful Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition at the new International Convention Centre, Sydney, 14-15 June 2017.

Renewable Cities Australia will again host its annual Forum together with the first Renewable Cities Electric Vehicle workshop. This event will bring together decision makers and influencers from communities and companies, local and state governments, and will explore the realities of changing the energy infrastructure of Australia’s cities and towns to 100% renewable.

In 2017, Renewable Cities Australia will feature a NEW co-located Exhibition Zone, attracting low carbon leaders from government, architects and designers, business and community. This Renewable Cities Exhibition Zone will showcase innovative energy management in the urban environment, energy products for buildings and the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles.

If you are a provider of low energy products, innovative systems and emergent technologies to support this important transition to renewable energy, we recommend you exhibit at the Renewable Cities Exhibition Zone.

Meet hundreds of your potential customers in one location, create brand and product awareness, generate new leads and reconnect with existing customers all under one roof over 2 days.


Renewable Cities and towns start with people, with communities and their leaders setting the direction and working together for our clean energy future.

As the world becomes more urbanized, cities and towns are well placed to take leading roles in this switch to renewable energy.

Many cities are already taking on this challenge, with city leaders, town planners and community groups coming together for this common goal.

With over 70% of Australians now living in urban environments, community involvement is an essential element in the development of Renewable Cities.


Our homes, our workplaces, and our factories are the main users of power in cities and towns, so switching to renewable energy and managing the power use are the keys to our renewable future.

As well as using power generated outside the city, generating power from urban rooftops, from excess heat and from urban waste is possible in most Australian cities and towns. Developing new ways to share locally produced power is a key element to urban energy independence.

Homeowners in Australia have embraced solar power systems and higher on-site use of that power is now possible with energy storage, which will be an enabler for Renewable Cities.


Moving around in our cities and towns uses fuels or electricity and these contribute to our urban carbon footprint.

Changing our urban transport systems to renewable energy is possible, but requires good planning and an understanding of the technologies available.

Collaboration at all levels of government levels is essential for electrifying public transport and enabling electric and other low emission vehicles in our city and towns.

Renewable Cities is the forum for this sharing of ideas for moving to renewable energy transport solutions.




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